Well Analysis

In gas lift system, gas is typically injected into the annular space at the lower part of the tubing string. This results in a reduction of the flowing gradient in the production string which leads to a drawdown (ΔP) increase on the production formation. ALTEC production specialists can provide very detailed analysis of downhole conditions to remedy problem wells, diagnose potential problems, and optimize production.

Evaluation of these wells may include:

• Calculation of inflow performance relationship (IPR) and outflow (TPC, VLP or VFP) curves
• Analysis of reservoir and well changes during its producing life
• Analysis of gas liquid ratios (GLR)
• Assessments of pressure traverse changes
• Estimation of the well potential

Evaluating wells is not always an easy task for production engineers. Injecting too much or too little gas can have an adverse effect on production and well economics or result in thousands of dollars in lost production. ALTEC engineers specialize in acquiring highly-accurate data to analyze well performance and optimize production.

Why not partner with a specialized team with experience you can trust to provide real value to your critical assets, rather than rely on add-on services from vendors who don’t have the training and commitment to the level of service and detail that ALTEC can provide.

Nodal Analysis

We can analyze the flowing bottom hole pressure and the corresponding rates. This can be achieved by applying nodal analysis at the bottom of the well at the current, or last known, operating conditions.

IPO Valve Chart

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