Capillary Services

Capillary and Spooling Services

Maximize production, reduce workovers and help lower operating expense by installing state-of-the-art systems with our internal and external Capillary and Spooling Services.


- Secure installation of TEC line for downhole gauges
- Precision chemical treatment delivery
- Produce liquid-loaded gas wells

Capillary 1
Capillary 2


- Installs into live wells
- Protects tubulars
- Reduces well interventions caused by scale, salt, corrosion, and paraffin
- Pinpoint chemical delivery at exact depths
- Adjustable chemical volumes and ability to run custom blends
- Requires no batch treating or shut-in time
- Ability to flush and test while running

We have multiple units operating in several basins across the US. Contact your local ALTEC production expert to get more information or to schedule service.

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