Constant Flow® Valve

The Constant Flow® Valve

US patent no. 4,625,941

The valve is designed for constant flow gas lift applications (tubing or annular) by ALTEC engineers. By sizing chokes based on gas-passage requirements and placing them upstream of the valve seat, the pressure drop from casing pressure to tubing pressure is taken across the choke instead of across the seat. This allows the ball and stem to sense tubing pressure in both the open and closed position. A Nitrogen charge provides the closing force of the valve by pushing the valve ball onto the seat. No design injection pressure drops are required to be taken between successive valves for closing purposes. The valve is wireline retrievable.

Benefits Include:
▪ Maximized rate
▪ Optimized gas injection
▪ Conserved energy
▪ Eliminates bellows stacking
▪ Dual-well compatibility
Constant Flow Valve Houston

ALTEC delivers and installs reliable and robust gas lift valves, mandrels, and specialty parts built to API standards or better, designed for standard and high-pressure gas lift well environments.

The Constant Flow® valve is a balance-ported valve which yields a larger production-pressure effect than a typical IPO Valve. Other features include:

• Uniform 5/16” seat for all valve choke sizes
• Replaceable choke
• Pressure rating up to 1,800 psi (124 bars) test rack opening pressure
• Integral reverse flow check valve with resilient and metal-to-metal seals
• 75% casing pressure effect ; 25% production-pressure effect
• Temperature rating of 350° F (176° C) (Standard Service)

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