Patented Technology

The Constant Flow valve, C-PAC test system, and Go SYSTEM are ALTEC products protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 4,625,941; 5,979,553; and 7,500,525 respectively.

Constant Flow®, Variable Load®, C-PAC TEST SYSTEM®, and GO SYSTEM® are registered trademarks of ALTEC. ABBA™ is a trademark of ALTEC.

Proprietary Gas Lift Products and Systems

Constant Flow® Valves
Our patented solution is designed for continuous flow gas lift applications to maximize injection depth and total fluid production.

ABBA™ Pilot Valves
Our patented pilot valve is designed for intermittent flow gas lift applications. The increased area in the power section creates a stream-lined flow path which decreases turbulence and allows higher injection rates. A redesigned bellows increases the valve life.

Variable Load® Valves
This valve eliminates bellows failure with its “no bellows” design. The opening and closing force is based on the difference between casing and tubing pressure.

C-PAC Test System®
A completion method which reduces the overall completion cost of a gas lift well by allowing the annulus to be pressure-tested with functional gas lift valves in mandrels. Huge cost savings on wireline and eliminates the cost of dummy valves and latches.

Go System® Installation
A patented self-perpetual system for dewatering gas wells utilizing formation gas.

And A Complete Line of Gas Lift Valves, Mandrels, And Specialty Products