Quality Management

Our quality policy is supported by our company’s objectives that will be defined and communicated.

The mission of the QMS at ALTEC is to implement and maintain a management system that continually improves performance by addressing the needs of all involved parties. The following principles have been identified to facilitate the achievement of this goal:

Customer Focus – We depend on our customers and understand their current and future needs. We will continually strive to meet or exceed their requirements and satisfaction.

Provide Quality Products – We are committed to having a high-quality product by having controlled and documented processes that produce a reliable result.

Process Approach – We have learned that the desired results are more efficiently achieved when resources and activities are managed as a process.

Continual Improvement – We believe that effective decisions are based on the logical or intuitive analysis of data and information.

If you have any further questions regarding our approach to quality management, sourcing, third-party quality policies, or any other questions regarding our manufacturing processes, please email us at info@altecgaslift.com or Contact Us and we will have one of our quality manufacturing managers reply to your query.

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