There are a number of advantages to gas lift for an offshore environment. Mainly, is that it can be applied in a wide variety of well conditions; can handle high volume and high-pressure/high-temperature wells; and that the side pocket mandrel and gas lift injection valves allow a deeper gas injection into the tubing. The reliability of gas lift also makes it attractive to offshore operators.

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Operators in the past have often left existing offshore fields when recovery rates reached a decline. Many times, this was due to the quest for “new oil.” With this “new oil” becoming more difficult and costly to access and extract, there is a renewed focus on optimizing existing fields. ALTEC production specialists have decades of experience in offshore, gas-lifted wells in shelf, deepwater, and subsea environments.

They are also experienced in the acquisition and analysis for critical downhole data to make better operating decisions which can potentially mitigate enormous expense and risks for offshore and subsea interventions. These subsea wells in regions like the Gulf of Mexico can be extremely complicated. Don’t trust your valuable assets to just another service company. Call an experienced service provider and gas lift specialist for these high-value assets.

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ALTEC’s constant flow valve is patented gas lift technology for a product that outperforms typical IPO gas lift valves. This innovative technology maximizes rate and optimizes gas injection in the valve. Learn More
ABBA™ is a wireline-retrievable, pilot-operated gas lift valve that is primarily controlled by injection gas pressure. The valve is typically installed in a 1” side-pocket gas lift mandrel. Learn More
ALTEC production specialists can spec and install many types of valves including the more common IPO valve for your gas-lifted assets. Through our sister company, JMI, we can provide API-manufactured products, made in the USA. JMI can also provide reconditioning services for most gas lift valves. Learn More
ALTEC can provide a variety of pressure-tested mandrels for conventional, side-pocket, and high-pressure applications. Learn More
Whether fast-response memory gauges for temporary data collection or field-proven, permanent downhole gauges, our production specialists can provide the required solutions for reliable data. Learn More

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