Pressure/Temperature Gauges

Permanent or Semi-Permanent Reservoir Monitoring

Our fast-response memory gauges combine an external, fast-response, wire-resistive temperature device with a high-resolution sapphire pressure sensor. We can also provide a high-pressure/temperature quartz gauge depending on your individual well needs. Side pocket memory gauges are another cost-effective solution for downhole pressure and temperature monitoring. the external configuration is like that of a 1-inch retrievable gas lift valve. The gauge can be set and recovered with standard slick-line tools. The advantage of the side pocket arrangement is that the pocket enables the well fluids to flow unimpeded while collecting critical data. Applications for side-pocket memory gauges include long-term monitoring of wells with no tubing restrictions, frac monitoring, pressure transient/production decline analysis and analytical systems modeling.

Field-Proven Permanent or Semi-Permanent Pressure and Temperature

Drawing on our expertise in artificial lift, industry best practices, and cutting-edge technology, we can provide a permanent electronic downhole gauge system to supply operators with reliability, the data and intelligence to make better decisions, operate wells and fields more precisely, and protect the artificial lift system to reduce downtime over the life of the well. Pressure and temperature data drives the efficient management and performance of your well and production system. Our gauges and data assurance products outperform industry-standard gauges to deliver a system that provides accurate and reliable data when and where you need it.

Benefits of Downhole Gauges and Reservoir Monitoring:

• Enables increased production and reduces cost by helping operators make factual decisions
• Optimizes production at the well, reservoir, and field level
• Combines hardware and software into systems that best fit clients’ specific needs

Multiple specification options allow our solution to be deployed to suit the economic and technical requirements of your specific project. The sensors are lift-system and manufacturer agnostic, allowing the maximum flexibility to address your specific production challenges.

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